organization will bring forth. We must start demanding and pushing a Bill to be implemented immediately in this next election. A legitimate contractual agreement signed by any and all holders of public offices, from the top down, to the bottom up. For those who are uninformed or misinformed, a personal business contract actually supersedes even our Constitution. Therefore, anything a politician promises in order to get elected will be listened to and carefully recorded and placed into the contract which will be signed by the politician and the state attorney general and three citizen witnesses, selected out of the phone book at random. Therefore, the moment they violate any of their agreements we can, should and will fire them on the spot and rehire another employee who will honor their contract. Period! No exceptions!

We must reestablish immediately the reality that all elected officials are in fact, "servants" and employees of the People! In this way we can restore this country back to it's original state as a Republic and stop the Bull of Tyranny from "Gore-ing" our rights to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. We will not be "Gored" any longer! The Bull will fall into the Red, White and Blue cape of Liberty and Freedom as we deal out the coup d'etat with our swords of Justice. In this way we will force all politicians to become statesmen and therefore perform their duties as a "servant" of the People as was originally intended by the Founding Fathers of this country. Those who refuse to sign such a document, once highly publicized, will require further action we'll cover later.The 3rd Liberty box is the Jury box. Currently, courts are held under a gold trimmed flag which is not the American flag at all, but is the governmental, Military Martial law flag. (another fact which is not well known) We must use the jury box to nullify illegal laws through the Jury Nullification process and through proper use of statutes of the Fully Informed Jury Act (FIJA). The Jury Liberty Box is a profoundly powerful liberty tool at our dispo-


posal which requires, among other things, the education of the people who find their ways to juries. Education on this subject is vital to our liberties, and you are encouraged to begin or continue your own education process here:

My brothers and sisters, if we do not begin immediately to use the 3 above boxes we will be forced to resort to the 4th and most Determinant of all the Liberty Boxes in order to preserve our Liberty and Freedom. This is of course the Cartridge Box. One of my teachers (who are called the Twisted Hairs Elders of Turtle Island) said, "passivity and complacency breed violence and Force regulates violence." Criminals are perpetrators of violence. Therefore, the People must become the "Force" that regulates them. The time for We The People to be regulated as if we are the criminals is OVER! The Cartridge Box is the tyrant's greatest threat to his/her game plan as it is the one sure thing which will avert all attempts at coercion and control--the favorite past time of the tyrannical people on our beloved planet.

May the "Force" be with us as we walk in beauty, down the golden path towards illumination, wisdom and eventually enlightenment, for this is the destiny of all Liberty Advocates--to walk the talk of a Light Warrior in these changing and struggling times.

In the way of my people, I have spoken. HO!

The Shooting Shaman
Harley SwiftDeer Reagan, Ph. D., D.D
AKA "Gunnie"



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