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We stand at a moment of extreme crisis in this beloved land of freedom. Our united States Constitution is hanging by a silver tread on the horns of the "Clinton Bull of Tyranny". We--all pro freedom, pro choice Americans who are loyal to this Country and what it stands for--are now at the impact effect of the most unconstitutional President, Senate and Congress under which our nation has ever lived. We are in absolute tyranny. We must take strong affirmative and decisive actions NOW! We have been forced into an arena of conflict and oppression which is leading us on a continuing path of absolute One World Order Tyrannical Government at the hands of the United Nations "Demagogues" and international Bankers.

We must enter the arena of our Freedom Battle fully aware of many important things-- including the tools available to us.

This arena has within it 4 "boxes" or "Liberty Tools" within which we have a chance to reverse the Freedom Eradication Process. To help us regain our liberty and stand as an independent Sovereign Nation of Americans once again, we must ACT within these boxes intelligently and efficiently. In order to maintain and sustain our individual autonomous freedom we must be willing to emotionally assume authority for what we give, say, teach and share with others in our own individual world. We also must assume authority for what, when, where and how we choose to perceive and receive input data from all sources in order to formulate our mental conceptions, self-concepts and world view model of reality. We must have honest, valid attitudes and approaches in the face of tyranny in our move to take this nation back.

We must be willing to take responsibility for all of our physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and sexual actions at all times, everywhere, in all matters. And last and most important to my People (the full blood and mixed blood Turtle Island Natives, for I am half-Cherokee and half-



Irish) is that we must stand spiritually accountable for the future of the next 7 generations of our children! It is our duty, obligation and responsibility as a united people to insure the restoration and preservation of our Constitution and especially the Bill of Rights. I am now exercising my 1st amendment right in order to preserve the 2nd amendment right, for I am one of We The People.

It is vital that we immediately remember and put to use the fact that our government is "the People." We are the government, of, by, and for "the People." In other words folks, We The People ARE the government! Though it is easy enough for an intelligent person to grasp this fact intellectually, it is time to USE this fact intelligently, taking it from Knowledge into Action.

Back to the "boxes" of Liberty...

The first Liberty Box we must use in the restoration and preservation of our freedom is the Computer box, via the Internet. The fact that you are reading this means at some level you already understand this fact. Using the Computer Liberty Box wisely is helping to protect all 10 of the Bill of Rights, especially the 1st amendment right, by shining light on the multiple Liberty Infractions committed by a criminal government. The Computer Liberty Box is and will continue to be one of the most important foundations upon which we rebuild and restore America. Therefore we must stand united with Angel Shamaya's and's project to bring to the gun community immediately! We need the vision of a unified nationwide collective of all gun owners (the collective vision of the many good people contributing to this project) to become a reality NOW. Let's dream together a united internet network of Pro Liberty and Freedom Advocates in our sweeping move to conquer this Bull of Tyranny.

The second Liberty box we must preserve is the Voting box. This involves one of many focused action steps this orga-


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