5. Mr. Reagan der Militarist


Deer Tribe Gun Club
Organization of Shottists
Scottsdale, Arizona

The Shooting Shaman Speaks


by Harley SwiftDeer Reagan, Ph. D., D.D
AKA "Gunnie"

Originally published 4/28/2000



This is Swift Deer's 1st monthly column as a source of inspiration for our family of gun owners around the nation. Swift Deer is not a boastful man, and because we've all been so indoctrinated to think "credentials" to be so important, I am sharing some of this man's "credentials" with you.

His blood is half Cherokee and half Irish. On the Irish side, his ancestors have been on this soil now known as America for 10 generations. (Who knows how far back the Cherokee go?) Before he "woke up" to the lighter side of being a liberty advocate, Swift Deer operated for the CIA and the NSA. In his sphere of influence, he is deeply revered as a Shaman and a Medicine Man. People come from Europe to learn ancient ways from him, year after year. Quite a number have even taken up permanent residence in Arizona to be able to have regular access to his wisdom. He is also a trained



Psychologist, Teacher, Author of several books, and he runs his own Self-Growth and Development Center in Scottsdale Arizona. He also runs his own dojo for martial arts training and runs his own monthly gun club and competition.

Swift Deer is an Endowment Life member of NRA and a certified Instructor in Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun, Personal Protection, and Home Defense Safety as well as a teacher of Hunter Safety programs. He is a certified Range Master who holds life memberships in SASS and Citizen Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms and has been an active member in Gun Owners of America and the Second Amendment Foundation for the last 10 Years.

He is a very active competitive shooter in IPSC/USPSA, IDPA and SASS. He is also a former Marine, Gunnery Sergeant (GNY/SGT E-7) and a Vietnam veteran. He served in Law Enforcement and security work as a Personal Executive Protection Specialist. He and his beautiful wife, Diane, are Arizona Department of Public Safety CCW instructors as well as licensed FFL dealers. I list this man's history and background so our readers might realize who is Speaking to them as a Constitutional Patriot. Swift Deer is adamantly pro Liberty and pro Freedom. It was through a few long, personal, soul-searching talks with this outstanding human being that our organization was born. ~~ Angel Shamaya

The Shooting Shaman Speaks...

I suppose some people will find it highly unusual that a "spiritual" man can also be such a strong Pro Gun activist. The reality is that due to my extensive background--including the periods of time in which I misinformedly participated in government "Black Ops" through NSA and CIA--is what has brought me to this



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