and Director of the Deer Tribe Metis Medicine Society, Shamanic Lodge of Ceremonial Medicine).
A Metis Cherokee In his late 40s who resides in Los Angeles, Harley is a confident, charming, sexy, playful, creative human being. He believes, as I do, that to be in harmony with the universe we must be in harmony with our sexuality. As a child from an Indian reservation, he was taught about sex in depth by a Phoenix Fire 'M:>man (sex education teacher) who passed on information that has been handed down through generations, away of sexuality called Quodoushka.

There are several levels of the Quodoushka workshops. I got special permission to take Quodoushka 2 without having gone through the introductory workshop. I had heard that all the workshops were great, but in 02 actual fucking takes place. (01 is more show-and-tell and basic information.) The cost of the three-day workshop was $225 (a bargain in retrospect). The one I enrolled in was hosted by a friendly married couple named Tom and Anne who live in a suburb of Milwaukee. I didn't have a partner to bring, but luckily there was a man who needed a woman partner, so Tom and Anne paired us up. Needless to say, I was apprehensive about being set up for a "blind fuck." What if I didn't like him?

When I arrived at Tom and Anne's house in Milwaukee, 11 other couples were already there. Most of them were married and two of the couples had paired up just for the workshop. The people varied in age from 25 to 61. Most were from the area, They all looked like "straight" middle- and up per-class types, Everyone was friendly and, like me, a bit nervous and apprehensive Tom introduced me to my partner, Frank-in his early 30s, hippyish and intelligent-looking. But before we had a chance even to say a few words to each other, we were all led into a large basement room with pillows for us to sit on. SwiftDeer sat in a chair, his beautiful wife
and assistant, Diane Nightbird, sat on his right, and his handsome Austrian apprentice, Batty Thunderbear, sat on his left.
The workshop began with a traditional Native American Metis pipe ceremony to evoke sacred spirits. Then SwiftDeer spoke for several hours on such 01 topics as Moon Cycles, the Teachings of the Seven Arrows and the StarMaidens Circle,

Finally we began the first exercise. "Men and women, line up across from your partners," he said. "I want each couple to take an orange, cut it in half and make avow with your partner that states your goals." My vow went something like, "I want to be with you to learn new things about sex, about what my body can do sexually, to feel energized, to heal, to grow and push my limits... " Frank's return vow was similar. SwiftDeer went on, "Now feed your partner the orange half as erotically as possible while looking into each other's eyes."

I put my orange against Frank's lips and he began to rick and slurp it. I put my lips to Frank's half and sucked, inspired by the incredible sexiness of Frank's lips. I felt sexual energy begin to well up in my cunt, which led me to our first kiss, along and slow, exploratory and communicative, and very wonderful one.

"Now undress each other as slowly and sensually as possible," SwiftDeer continued. "Be playful Tease each other." The obedient class proceeded with nervous laughter until we were all naked. SwiftDeer went on, "Now we will awaken the senses, Look deeply into each other's eyes as if you were staring into the ocean at sunset. Explore your partner's body using only your eyes.

"Now awaken your sense of smell..." SwiftDeer continued, "Sniff each other all over. How many different smells does your partner's body have?" I got into this exercise and found it very much a turn-on.


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