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The roots of this native American tradition can be traced back to pre-Mayan civilization. This rite of passage involved visits to a "fire man" or "fire woman" who initiated young males and females into the world of sacred sexuality. For followers of Quodoushka, sexuality provides the catalyst for all human action and interaction, encompassing emotion, body, mind and spirit.

Spiritual Sexuality Workshops
and GoldenHeart Sensuality Trainings

for Sexual Healing and

Erlebnisbericht des

Annie Sprinkle

Erlebnisbericht von
einem „spirituellen“
Sexseminar mit
Mr. Reagan

Wer ist Annie Sprinkle ?

In her early years, she worked as a prostitute, then entered the porno film industry in the early 1970s, first in a variety of behind-the-camera roles and eventually as a performer.


Annie Sprinkle made around 200 porn films, specializing in assorted kinky fetish genres. In the early 1980s, she started taking more control of her projects and evolved from niche porn star into an artist, sex educator and sexual shaman embodying a warm, playful, ravenous, pansexual, spiritual brand of female sexuality. In 1982, she wrote and directed her first film, Deep Inside Annie Sprinkle, in which she acts as a sort of variety show host introducing vignettes representing her sexual fantasies. Stylistically the film differed very little from mainstream hardcore films of the period, but Annie's smiling, intimate, exuberant direct-address running through the film is light years from the pouty, bitchy, slutty "bad girls" of so much porn. Later she embraced tantric sex, yoga and meditation, as seen in her film In Search of the Ultimate Sexual Experience (available on the Femme anthology video Rites of Passion).

Ihr Erfahrungsbericht:

Native American Sex

Sex secrets of the Phoenix fire woman. 

Annie Sprinkle

After 14 years of intense sexual experience and exploration, I had come to a crossroads. I wanted to take my sexuality to another level, from sex merely for pleasure to sex for healing, meditation and enlightenment. I wanted to combine sexuality with spirituality. I was hungry for the knowledge that would take me out of my cunt and into the cosmos via my cunt. I searched long and hard for anyone who knew more about sex than I did. One of the few teachers I found was Harley Swift Deer, a Native American shaman, healer and teacher. (His official title is Metis Medicine Chief for the Twisted Hairs



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