Das Ausbildunsprogramm des Deer Tribe


The first year of Red Lodge consists of six extended weekend sessions and one Ceremonial Week in nature. During the first of these six weekends, you will learn about:

Medicine Wheels


Medicine wheels symbolize life as a never-ending circular process, rather than a linear experience with a beginning and an end. We overlay wheels (put them on top of each other) to connect the concepts in each direction (graphical demonstration). In this way, we learn. For example, if we overlay these two wheels:

... we learn how our aspects can be used most effectively: catalyze (spark change) in our sexuality, give with our emotions, determine with our spirit, etc. If we do otherwise, we end up out of balance. For example, do you know someone who determines with their mind?

Did you ever notice that a dog feels happy when you feel happy, and sad when you're sad? That's because animals are receivers of energy. We humans are determiners of energy. What are we determining for the future of our planet? In Red Lodge we change ourselves, and ripple changes into the world like a pebble dropped in a pond.

The above is only one part of the first weekend!


In the first year you will be introduced to the brilliant paradigm of the Sweet Medicine SunDance Wheels and Keys.

Everything is taught in a circular fashion, in the form of a wheel. Every position on a wheel has its specific elemental quality, and one can immediately see the interconnection to every other position or energy quality on the wheel.

You can overlay every wheel in these teachings and once you have learned the basic structure you can deepen your understanding of anything you place on the wheel.

Our right brain naturally works in a circular fashion, and you will find it much easier to understand and remember something once you have placed it on a wheel.

You will learn about the four aspects of self, the four elements, the powers of the four directions, the four worlds of Grandmother Earth, how to achieve alignment with these elemental powers, and how to create a balanced choreography.

You will learn about the various levels of energy resonance and the mathematical nature of the universe. You will find out how the outer worlds and energies resonate with the worlds and energies within you.

You will learn to balance heart, body, mind, spirit and soul in simple ceremonies. You will learn how to build a medicine wheel and what to do within this wheel.

You will talk with minerals, plants, animals and spirits. You will begin learning laws of energy and alchemy. The group dynamic of the Red Lodge Program will plant re-discovered wisdom into your body knowing.


Teachings are crucial because they give us an intellectual understanding of new ideas, concepts, connections and possibilities. But unless we apply them to our engagement with life, they do not become knowledge.

Ceremonies play an important and very powerful part in our integration and transformation process. Some of these are group ceremonies and will be done within class time. Other ceremonies need to be done on a mountain or in a cave or simply somewhere out in nature. Some will take one night and some ceremonies will require up to three days and nights. These will be done during Ceremonial Week. Once a year we meet for a full week as part of the Red Lodge Longhouse. We camp out on the land. There we will give you the alchemical know-how to proceed with your ceremony, and then you go out and do it.

Ceremony leads you into another dimension, another state of consciousness. Doing ceremony is always an act of power that brings a gain in energy and a connection to all things in your life.


The second year deals with our substance — our physical reality, our physical body.

You will discover what kind of character structure you have and why your body looks and works as it does. You will learn about your molding, sculpting and armoring and how you have created a predictable pattern of reaction to 

people and events in your daily life.

The task of this year is to see where and how your patterns limit your experience of anything new.

You will explore what your luminous energy body is like, what energy laws apply to it, and how your senses could and should function if you break the old patterns.

Of course, you will receive plenty of techniques to break these patterns — but you have to do them yourself.

You will learn about energy sensitive perception (ESP) and how to increase it.

And you will learn how to use basic medicine tools and power items.


The teaching, ceremony and your integration of this Third Year Red Lodge ensure your ability to use the tools as you prepare to travel on your own.

You will be introduced to the Healing Paradigm of the Twisted Hairs, a highly sophisticated structure that enables you to recognize the cause behind all symptoms of sickness, disease and illness.

You will learn to apply the same model for any other problems in life by putting them onto a wheel and discerning the underlying cause and what to do to find the solution.

You will learn much more about the different levels of dreaming and receive tools and techniques to use in the art of controlled dreaming.

You will learn how to work with mesas and how to make your home into a strong vortex of power


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